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Essay on Female Foeticide

What is Female Foeticide?. Female Foeticide means aborting a fetus of a woman when it was known that the growth in the womb is a child girl. It is an illegal activity in society and encourages sex determination, the rate of the girl child, and also it spoils the women’s health. Similarly, the below essay on Female Foeticide was included with many key points and with unique information. The below essay writing on Female Foeticide in English will help students in exams, competitions, and other competitive programs. Quotes on Female Foeticide were included further below.

Short Essay on Female Foeticide

Female Foeticide is an illegal activity that forcibly stops the child’s growth in the mother’s womb by aborting. Female Foeticide can happen due to nature and also by pressure from their families. Mostly Female Foeticide is happening if they are coming to know that baby in the womb is a girl child. The sexuality of the baby in the womb can be known by scanning, Prenatal diagnostic test, and some other test. This kind of aborting results in spoiling female health and the womb for the next pregnancy.

Women had the greatest gift of giving birth, by various pressure from their families and various reasons the Female Foeticide will take place. Most of the reasons for Female Foeticide are after knowing the baby is a girl. To stop these activities the government made it illegal activity about know the gender of the child when in the mother’s womb. People should stop thinking that a girl child will be a burden and a boy child will help in the future, all this speculation should come to an end. The Government of India had bought out many helping activities for the girl child. Prime minister Narendra Modi had done many laws to ” Save the girl child”.

Female Foeticide also tends to increase in improper sex ratio in the countries, which can lead to the end of human beings on the earth. Every person should be responsible for any gender child even they are in their mother’s womb. People should start believing that a girl child is not tense, but a girl child is equal to ten sons in their life.

Long Essay on Female Foeticide

Female Foeticide is one of the criminal activities, which was done to force stop the growth of the child in the mother’s womb. Most of the cases in Female Foeticide are that child is a girl, illegal sex issues, and some due to natural things. A mother’s womb is a holy place in the universe, it can develop a living being in the world. Female foeticide is a shameful practice happening all over the world and a huge loss for society. In India, the rate of Female Foeticide is high in number and is increasing every year which was not being stoppable in present society.

The invention of ultrasonic sounds made to know the growth and disabilities of the baby when it is in the mother’s womb. People started using this invention to know the gender of the baby child. Once it was confirmed as a girl child the families start pressurizing on women to abort the baby in the womb. This issue was started in India in 1990 after the ultrasonic invention. Female Foeticide is the curse for the women, as no woman will bring the girl child into their womb. The gender of the baby child in the mother’s womb depends on the father according to biology studies. Female Foeticide is not only holding the child’s growth, but it also spoils the women’s health and future process in the uterus.

India stands first in the Female Foeticide as the people think that a girl cannot feed the family and a girl is a burden economically. The people of India think the girl cannot get anything to them rather a boy child can help the family with all the needs. A woman will get the pressure from families and society to give birth to a boy to full fill their future needs. As the girl’s birth rate started in the country the government made Foeticide is a criminal activity and can lead to Sevier punishments. The government banned all the techniques to know the gender of the child while in the womb. Hospitals will be seized if they encourage people to know whether the baby is a girl or a boy. The Government started helping economically for the girl child families, many schemes were introduced by the central government for girl education, marriage, and all basic needs.

The conclusion for the Female Foeticide essay is people should start considering that any child is their responsibility. Any child should be educated, should give all the basic needs. Girl child never is a burden to their life. As society starts thinking positively that a girl child is not a burden and can help the families as a boy child. In present days women are more helping their families and entering into every field of society. Finally getting a girl child into the family is more blessed, so should not be foeticide for any child.

Quotes on Female Foeticide

  • Female foeticide is a sin, but this practice is in the trash bin!
  • If you deny her life; How man will get his wife?
  • Female foeticide is horrific, stopping it would be terrific
  • No Girl-No Woman- No new life.
  • If you kill a girl, you kill a woman of the future.
  • Respect life- say no to female foeticide!
  • Daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers; Female foeticide kill so many others.
  • If you kill girls, who will give birth to the next generations?
  • A girl child is like a bud, let her bloom and be the flower of the future.
  • Female foeticide is horrific, stopping it would be terrific

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Essay on Female Foeticide for Students and Children | PDF Download

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