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Essay On Environment

Essay on Environment – Benefits, Importance, Degradation Causes: The environment includes everything that exists on earth even the living lives. Air, Water, Trees, Plants, Insects, Animals, Humans, etc are parts of the environment. Every part of the environment helps each other with different needs to exist the life in the environment. The environment is the only thing that helps to exist the life only on Earth in the whole universe. Similarly, the below essay on Environment will contain the needed information like Environmental Benefits, Importance of Environment, Ways for Degradation of Environment. Further below the article, Quotes on Environment are included.

Short Essay on Environment in 250 words

The environment is one of the real worthy things which cannot get back. We know the environment is one of the important things for the existence of lives on Planet Earth. Environment plays an important role in keeping fit and healthy for all living organisms. It is the combination of both living and non-living things and makes them help each other to make successful lives for the organisms. It always consists of ecological balance for the continued existence of lives on the planet. However, it helps the livings organisms in providing food, shelter, air, and all the needs of humans either big or small. One of the few cannot make the whole environment, all the branches or parts combines and form the environment. All the food chain, water cycle, life cycles, and many more are part of the environment. If any part of the environment was not present or removed it, directly and indirectly, affects the whole environment.

As humans increase their knowledge and take the help of the environment for producing or inventing many things to fulfill their needs. However, this knowledge was going beyond the limit where the destruction of the environment and its parts are arising. As humans are increasing it makes the imbalance of all the branches of the environment which will affect back to humans at a large rate. To overcome those harmful or dangerous situations saving environment is the only thing and using the benefits in the right direction.

Long Essay on Environment in 500 Words and its Importance

The environment is the combination of every part of Living and Non-Living that exists on Earth. It is the only cause for the sustaining of life on planet earth in the whole universe. The environmental conditions make or provide the needs for all living beings to continue their lives on the planet. It always checks for the ecological balance and provides the conditions for the development of lives and the ecosystem. Our environment contains Water, Plants, Air, Trees, Insects, Animals, Humans, etc. Without the Environments and their subparts, it is difficult for life’s existence and the development of nature and humans.

Importance of Environment

Not only the trees, water, etc alone are called Environment, it the combination of all the things that existed on and around the planet. It even includes the Water Cycle, Animal Cycle, Human Growth, and many more. The environment is the real worthy thing and the one who helps human life without expecting back. The whole human lives are not sufficient to return the worthy to the environment. However, humans developed things and bought out the innovations by using the environment. But as the days are passing on these development activities are harming the environment in all directions.

Benefits of Environment

The environment is rich in all the natural processes and makes the connection for all the existed things to continue the process. The environment contains endless chains and also can produce new things. The chains in the environment are all the living beings need oxygen for producing this the trees are part of the environment. Similarly, there are many chains either small or large. Without the help or role of the environment, there is no production of new things or the generation of many.

Degradation Causes to Environment

As the Environment helps humans to exist in their lives but humans with their greed started harming the environment in all possible ways. It helps in the production of new things to satisfy the needs of humans. The invention of Fire, Bulb, Communication, Transport, and everything was helped by the environment Directly or Indirectly. Humans do not value the benefits of the environment and breaking the chains made by it. As these chains are the backbone for natural development, where humans start disturbing these. However these disturbances reflect humans in ways of food scarcity, climatic conditions, and all the natural calamities.

Humans with their innovation or for fulfilling the needs them started the destruction of the environment and its conditions. As environmental conditions are important for the proper growth of humans and living lives on earth. Deforestation, Pollution of air and water, Soil Erosion, Chemicals, Harmful Gases, Rapid Growth of Population, etc are the destruction activities to the environment. However, the Environment will take it and give back as Natural Calamities, Acid Rains, Drought, Decreasing Oxygen levels, Global Warming, Scarcity of food, etc. All these reactions from the environment will directly affect human lives and where lead to the death of humans.

As the Environment doesn’t expect anything rather than providing benefits for human lives. Humans should develop in an eco-friendly way. If we destruct the environment it will give a big reply back, it can even be abolishing the whole living life on Earth. Every person should know and be educated about safe environment use. The awareness in people will make the change in the destruction activities and improves the ecological development ways in the people. As people are harming the environment will be the responsibility of the humans themselves in saving the environment. Everyone should move in the eco friendly and thinks in improving the environment for the further generation and living lives.

Quotes on Environment

  • We don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment.
  • The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.
  • Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.
  • We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.
  • Environmental policy must strike a balance between the earth’s best interests and our citizen’s pressing needs.

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Conclusion: We believe that the above Environment Essay had provided you with some unique information and includes the importance, benefits. The above essay on Environment will helpful for the students and aspirants of UPSC and also for Awareness.

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