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Essay on Education

Long Essay on Education

The process of learning, acquiring knowledge over all the aspects. It’s an imperative instrument that enhances life in the path of brightness.

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”. The knowledge processed from education escort the life of an individual. Education defines a person, the impact of eminence education comes alongside countless steps. This stepping stone molds a person into a fine inhabitant in the world.

Education figures a divergent stroke of partition among the man and other creatures.

Education creates a man into an elegant and intellectual human being. It enables people to achieve their goals, complicated circumstances in life are faced with alleviation.

Education makes a person qualified in all facets of life. It put together all the essential features to lead a successful life. It develops self-confidence, fortitude, hard work, forfeit, bravery, and many other factors are attained. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

By means, education unmoving residue an extravagance, not a vital key role to our country. Education should be provided to all, irrespective of any other features. Appropriate knowledge of education and its significance must be developed among the people of our country. Education ought to be reachable for all.

“Education is the movement from darkness to light”.

Worth mentioning, Success can be accomplished through education.

Significance of Education

Education eradicates unemployment and the poverty line of people. It does not just develop people, the economy of the country is also developed. “Education is not a problem, Education is an opportunity”. More education, more opportunities.

Education erects the qualities of a person. Knowledge empowers people to take accurate decisions over all the situations in life. It makes human beings better people.

Education provides a superior society for the people.

Happy society = Happy people.

This companion to the progress of our country.

It is only with the aid of education that mankind is advanced, sturdy, and influential.

Education improves a person both internally and externally.

Education is the key role to all of the following :

  • Knowledge residential.
  • Improved awareness.
  • Better person in society.
  • Moral values are developed.
  • Self-confidence, Right decision-making.
  • Good citizen.
  • Progress in society.
  • Improvement in the field of agriculture.

Education formulates you into a new edition day by day, appropriate admiration towards the ultimate factor would facilitate to lead a successful life.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”.

Types of Education 

Education has three different forms, they are

  • FORMAL EDUCATION: The education that is used in schools and continues in anticipation of college, is the formal type of education. It is a structured education. The learning process is evaluated and compulsory. Academic skills are of main significance.
  • INFORMAL EDUCATION: This education is obtained by reading books, car driving, playing football, interest in cricket, and many other activities. This education doesn’t process any structure. But it holds equal importance as that of formal education.
  • NON-FORMAL EDUCATION: Education that is available everywhere. It is education that is based on our life. The way we subsist in society. It is gained from the social welfare programs.


  • Education creates innumerable employment opportunities for people. Which in turn, shows the way to wages and attain a triumphant.
  • Success is attained by hard work, commitment, and authenticity.
  • The impact of education on life facilitates a person to accomplish the aspiration and conquer victory.

Conclusion: “Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions”. Education gives true asserts to the country. Education conquers the success of an individual.

Essay on Education for Students and Children | PDF Download

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