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Essay on Disaster Management

Essay on Disaster Management for Students and Children – Types, Importance: Disaster Management is an organization and management of resources and responsibilities which work for human welfare in emergencies. The people or the management in Disaster management contain preparedness, Response, and recovery to reduce the loss of lives or human beings from disasters. Disaster Management is used at disaster times by providing the necessities to humans and saving the lives fighting against the conditions and situations. The organization is generous to help the people needy in the hard situation in and around the surroundings. Similarly below Essay on Disaster Management contains all the information, types, importance, phases, how it will useful for people, and much more information.

Short Essay on Disaster Management

Nature has various changes daily and seasons in nature. The environment has both gentle and Aggressive sides, where the people enjoy the gentle climatic conditions. The aggressive climatic condition can’t be a comfort for all the living beings on Earth. These aggressive conditions can’t be suitable and even can’t be faced by humans and living beings. Nature disasters like Floods, Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Forest fires, and many other disasters. These disasters can’t be controlled and result in out-of-control from the hands of living beings. Disaster management and its people will help the people in the affected areas to get rid of the effects of disasters. The organizations like NDRF, NDMA are run by the government and there is even private management like Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies. Private management is running internationally and is supported by various federations internationally.

The main motto of disaster management is to rescue the people in the affected areas and reduce the number of deaths that happened in the area. Disaster management people will even help the people guiding at the time of natural occurrences. These people built up the measures in the people and save them after the effect. Some forces are involved in these management groups where the people are trained and migrate to the areas. With the increase of technology, the affected areas are estimated before the reach of calamities, and disaster management was migrating and helping the people. Much more organizations should be brought by the people to help other people where nature will affect and obtain the human and asserts loss.

Long Essay on necessity of Disaster Management

Disaster Management refers to the management of resources and responsibilities which help in reducing the impact of the disaster on the people and assets. The plan of action of Disaster management will be effective and simple efforts to reduce the effects caused by the natural disaster to a low level. As nature will be aggressive sometimes in the environment with natural calamities or disasters. Nature can take the damage done by humans to it but vice versa will be impacted directly on the lives of living beings. To fight against the conditions that happened yet times, disaster management will help in reaching the needy people.

Disaster management contains the people with the organization and some trained forces who help the people in the time after the effect of it. This management contains the plan according to land area and the amount of effect that is going to happen. As natural calamities can’t find the occurrence so the government will be ready to migrate these people to the affected area. The People of Disaster management are trained in all categories like basic medication, innovative rescuing, fast applying of plans, and many more.

Phases and Types of Disaster Management

Emergency Disaster managers think of disasters as reoccurring events with four phases i.e Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and recovery. These four phases are nothing but the plans and executing of plans for rescuing people in disaster occurred areas. Disaster Management is of various types like Geophysical, Hydrological, Climatological, Meteorological, Biological. These types of management however cover all-natural and man-made disasters. Disaster manager’s main motto is to help the people needy and escape them from the disaster safely.

Disaster Management Societies

Red Cross and Red Crescent National Society are the international federations and some management teams are run by the governments. These teams will migrate to the places where the disaster occurs and these people have the capacity and capability of rescuing the people. As the calamities lead to heavy damage and assert loss, these people train the common people about the safety measures at the time natural calamities occur. At the time of earthquakes, we should hide under the tables or beds for saving our lives, it is one of the safety measures where the management will preach to people.

However, with the improvement in technology, some of the natural calamities like floods, storms, and some others can find. The Information was reaching Disaster management faster and involves work before the disaster occurs. However, in the present day, every country and state had the habitat of establishing these teams all over the country. In India, the National Disaster Management Authority will look after the disaster that happened and going to happen. These people will move and arrange all the necessities of the people.

As nature will never intimate before its explosions and calamities so this disaster management will help the people. These are very helpful for people to migrate to safe places and get rid of the disaster obtained places. Every person should respect these teams and help private organizations like Red Cross where will help needy people. The government must have these management teams to secure the people from natural disasters safely. The people should inculcate in return to recreate the environmental loss that happened at those times. The government will look after the recovery of assert loss happen in the area.

Conclusion: We believe that the above Essay on Disaster Management will help you at the needed times and included all the basic information. Disaster Management Essay is useful for Students for exams and Aspirants of UPSC.

Essay on Disaster Management for Students and Children | PDF Download

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