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Essay On Digital India

Essay on Digital India: Herewith, We have composed an essay on Digital India for School Students and Children in Simple English besides we also provided the Objective Of Digital India, Digital Infrastructure, Digital E-Governance, Digital Literacy. So the children and students can refer to this complete essay to perform the class assignments, comprehensive tasks, and competitions well. To know the value of time one can read this complete article at his/her convenience.

Essay on Digital India for Students and Children

Essay On Digital India – The crusade is instigated by the Government to make sure that the Governments services are completely accessible to the general public, by electronic means, through improved online infrastructure, and by mounting Internet connections or building the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

Digital India was initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July in the year 2015. It aims to convert the country into a digital-enabled country. This is executed to straightforwardly access government services in different regions of the country. It ensures that Government services are available to residents electronically. Digital India is all about uplifting the usage of electronic products and services.

Internet connectivity has improved through this program. Furthermore, easy access to the internet and technology to the remote and rural areas of the country is the motto of Digital India.

Objective Of Digital India

Digital India possess three major aspects, they are:

  • A secluded, unyielding digital infrastructure involving every state of the nation.
  • Undemanding contact to digitally distributed government services. i.e. the e-Governance.
  • Digital literacy of the multitudes.

The Society also must be accountable to distribute government digital services. The government application can be used to achieve the progress in digital India scheme, the application is named as e-Pramaan. This program enables the rural areas to access the internet and different online services.

Digital Infrastructre

The digital infrastructure consent to the inhabitants to obtain government services using digital individuality. All the services are accessible online in this inventiveness. The signing-up formalities, applications, and the required documents are digitally delivered for different government portals.

This initiative also provides the rural areas with a hasty internet connection to rural areas. This leads them to acquire the benefits of the projects that are handled by the government in huge numbers.

Digital India – E-Governance

This has laid the way for many government services, here is a brief of some.

  • Mygov. in – This is the service that enables natives to share their ideas and thoughts related to the government supervision plan. The inhabitants can participate passionately.
  • Digital Attendance: The daily turnout of the employees working in the government sectors is recorded. The Biometric system is initiated to keep track of the employee’s day-to-day attendance.
  • UMANG – This is the unified mobile application for new-age governance. The application is launched for the common people in all the languages. The inhabitants can make use of this application for many services. Services like Tax, Aadhar, Digital locker, education portals, bus, and railway ticket booking can be accessible.
  • e-Hospital – This is the application that is used to obtain information and access to hospitals. It is used to take appointments, making of payments, lab reports are provided, timings of doctors and many other services are endowed.
  • e-Sign – It is the service that lets the registered citizens digitally mark a document using the Aadhar card as means of an endorsement.
  • DigiLocker – It is the digital form of the locker that gives access to people to maintain and store their government documents in the digital form. It will be the bridge for application work on many units of administration. As the documents will be verified digitally, there will be no necessitate for a hard copy for the further process.

Digital Literacy

The forward step is undertaken by the Government of India to let rural people make use of the internet to improve the overall quality of life. The majority of people did not have the access to internet awaiting 2015. Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated to make rural India digitally literate.

The project, Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan is on tenterhooks to accomplish its objective by the closing stages of March 2019.

People will be reachable to bond with the planet with just a stroke of push-button. Digital platforms are laid for various businesses. People will have many opportunities in the business field all over the country.

Digital India: Images

Be Digitally Independent Digital India Image Mouse With India Map

Conclusion: The progress of the nation is connected to the Digital India platform. The social and economic status of people and the country is bonded with the initiative of Digital India. The overall development of the country is achieved through this forward step.

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