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Essay On Democracy and Dictatorship

DEMOCRACY – It is a structure of government where the people have the power to choose their prevailing legislators.

DICTATORSHIP – It is a form of government exemplified by a single person in charge or group of leaders.

Democracy is a system of government in which the common people choose their representatives to rule them in the structure of government. The constitution of the country follows this type of rule. The general public elects its leaders by participating in the elections. Every citizen of the country has the right to take part in the process of progress to the nation. Directly or Indirectly the individuals play a key role in the enrichment of the country.

Dictatorship is a structure of government where it is ruled by a single leader or a group of leaders, where the common people are not implicated. Any sort of election is not conducted by the leader, and the person is referred to as a dictator. The person is usually accomplished by their family background.

Primary Features Of Democracy

  • Under a democratic nation, all people are equal before the law. There is no discrimination based on caste, creed, gender, religion, etc.,
  • The government will have progress based on the majority rule. The authority with more votes will be the ruling party.
  • Democracy has its basic characteristics are the freedom to people politically and personally, equality and equal rights to all, and the rule of law.
  • People who are eighteen years and above the age are eligible to vote. Their vote has equal importance and power.
  • The constitution guard the independence and civil rights of the citizen through synchronization and mutual aid.
  • The Democratic country will mainly represent the Unity in Diversity policy to its citizens for prosperity and harmony in the country.

Primary Features Of Dictatorship

  • In this form of government, the elections are suspended and eliminated.
  • They follow the rule by declaration. People have to obey the rules laid by their rulers.
  • The person who rules the people will be the dictator. They will take the advantage of their position. While power is in their regime the rules are not followed.
  • The dictatorship will lack civil liberties in which people are not given human rights, they are restrained for the freedom of speech. The dictator follows this to uphold their political and social supremacy.
  • Dictatorship will not let people express their feelings and thoughts in the country. They will have to obey and respect their leader, the dictator.
  • The authoritarianism of political opponents and declaration of the state of crisis without acting in synchronization with the rule of law.
  • There is no kind of election in the country, the set of laws and rules are laid by the dictator, and they must and should be followed by the people.
  • If the rules of the dictator are not followed the dictator will make the law for it, and brutal actions will be laid to the people.

Advantages Of Democracy and Dictatorship

People have the right to choose their government.A single person can sustain the authority as long as they wish to.
As the people elect their leader based on the major of people, they will be happy with the government.If the dictator is admired by the people of his country, they will be the happiest of all.
All the people and the government together will lay a strong foundation for the country.A strong leader will be the supporter and the backbone of the country.
Freedom and Independence to all the citizens are given in this form of government.Bold decisions are made by the person himself, as the reason the economy of the country will progress.
People are given equal value and rights in a democratic nation.As there will be no any kind of elections in the country, as sort of investment and the time is not wasted.


Conclusion: Every phase of life has its pros and cons. People must be responsible and follow the correct path for the progress of the Nation.

Essay on Democracy and Dictatorship for Students and Children | PDF Download

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