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Corruption Free India is an impossible task and an issue continuing since after the independence. The corruption in India is at a high level and is still increasing year by year. Every National party at the time of elections will give promises for removing the corruption. As the result, after coming into power all the promises were evaporated and makes the corrupted country in their way. As similar to the above points the below essay on Corruption Free India will contain all the information and cons of corruption. The below corruption Free India essay was included with the people’s problems by the corruption, corruption policies, laws, etc.

Short Essay on Corruption Free India

Corruption in India had become a part of people’s daily life. As corruption is the illegal activity by the constitution and rules of India. Corruption includes various types like Bribing, parochialism, patronage, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, etc. Corruption of a country means improper ruling, improper rules, and abutments, irregular checking of the people’s savings, etc. Corruption in India is majorly done by politicians and other people with power. All Government employees and government officials are also a key role in the corruption of India.

India is still a developing country because of the high corruption rate in the country. As the major people in the government of India are corrupted in any way they are the ones who pause the development of the country. It was done due to a lack of money or a person greedy for money. The increase in the rate of poor people in the country is the cause of corruption by the rich people in the country. Corruption in India is in every sector of the country which was majorly in the government sector. To need permission from the government the official should be bribed with money and many government jobs are selling for money. In every way, corruption makes the country damaged economically and many more. The youth of India are the ones who were troubled with corruption. However, all these make corruption-free India a dream and discourage the people fighting against it. The government of India should bring up anti-corruption laws and apply them strictly to society.

Long Essay on Corruption Free India

Corruption is an illegal activity done by the people in the name of power and weakness of the people. In India, Corruption is one of the challenges which needs to get an end to. But in India, the rate of Corruption is increasing day by day. The corruption was done by a person due to his needs or greed for money. According to data in India, 50% of the population is encouraging ways of Corruption. We should know How corruption takes place?. Corruption takes place when the work needs to move faster in the government offices than a person with power need to bribe. Similarly, there are various ways of corruption and it was built in various sectors. In India, Anti-corruption Day is celebrated on 9th December every year. It was celebrated at the international level with a theme every year for the day.

Corruption was inculcated in the daily life of the people as money makes the day for humans. It is not only present in India, it was in every part of the world. Many of the countries are becoming poor due to the high rate of corruption in the country. If corruption is high, similarly in the country percentage of poor is also high. Corruption is a man-made thing where nature gave equal importance to a human being on earth. As the world is running with money human beings also run after the money to get it. Human things that money is the only thing that gets everything into his life.

In a heavily populated country, corruption is a difficult task to get into control of the people. Corruption may also tend to economic destroying of the country. As the huge corrupted person will not invest or save a huge amount in the country, they deposit in other countries like swiss banks, etc. Saving the money of one country in another country means the part of the money which needs to circulate in the country is frozen. This resultant the improvement of the poor in their country and making damage to the country needs.

The youth of the country are the most troubled people in the country with corruption. As the country is corrupted, many of the international companies will not show interest in investing the money. This results in to pause in development and the companies in the country which causes huge unemployment. The Government of the country should take about the money with the people and the banking sector of the country. The External Affairs department of the country should take of the money that is depositing in the other countries.

Corruption can be removed if the government takes care of its people. If all the needs were made available for the people then the thought of corruption will not strike in the minds of the people. The government should bring up the new anti-corruption laws and rewrite the old laws present in society. All the rules and laws should be strictly applied to people which should result in huge punishments. The government should keep more anti-corruption forces in India who should work truly for the country. The people of India should aware of the cons of Corruption free India posters, drawings, wallpapers, quotes, etc. All the youth and children should know about corruption-free by the Corruption free India competitions, Corruption free India Campaigns, etc.

As corruption is man-made it can get an end when people and government work together for the nation. Every person should think positively that the whole society should develop and true rather than an individual should develop. Every child of the country should be taught about the truthful ways and fighting spirit against it. There are many ways to solve Corruption only when everyone should think about their nation and future generations.

Quotes on Corruption Free India

  • When you don’t take a stand against corruption you tacitly support it.
  • Those who fight corruption should be clean themselves.
  • Youth has to challenge corruption.
  • Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power
  • The worst disease in the world today is corruption. And there is a cure: transparency.
  • Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
  • Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.
  • Cancer that demands our urgent attention is corruption and poverty.
  • If we elect the same corrupt politicians every time, that’s a very clear message that we don’t want a change.
  • Reject every form of corruption that diverts resources from the poor.

Conclusion: We believe that the above essays on Corruption-free India had provided great stuff about its corruption and its cons of it. The above Corruption-free India essays will be helpful for students at exams, UPSC & SSC exams, competitions to beautify your content.

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