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Essay On Child Labour

We come across a lot of small children working at small stores, workshops, and besides of streets. Children are forced for economic support at a very small age. Children at age of 7 to 14 years were involved in working, which is an illegal activity. To understand What is Child Labour? How does it reflect on Education & Child’s future? and many others. The Essay on Child Labour will suit all classes students and this will be helpful for competitions and even for exams.

Short Essay on Child Labour

The essay below is a short essay on Child Labour. Some important and unique information was discussed in the essay. It will be a unique essay about Child Labour by covering all the highlights and useful content.

Child Labour is one of the major social issues in the world. Children work at small ages for their life being and to support their family economically and many other reasons. Many of the poor and economically weaker families push their children to work in many activities. Working at a small age tends to physical and mental disturbances in children’s development.

Children are the greatest gift by God and childhood is the happiest movement that never returns in life. At the age of 7 to 14 children are at the learning stage of how to survive in the world. But their families are pushing forcefully to work for their needs and help families. Child labor was disturbing the whole life cycle of younger ones. Children are the future development for the country but their parents are suppressing them and making them fulfill their present needs. Many industries and manufacturers look for child labor because the wages are less, work will be done more by children and profits will earn by owners. The government should keep rules for employing staff with above 17 years.

Child Labour is a major task for many countries to take a challenge to reduce it and make children concentrate on studies to develop the country. To reduce Child Labour rates governments should take some tough decisions and rewrite Child Labour acts. Governments should attract even Children with live learning, mid-day meals,  free uniforms, books, etc.

The conclusion to the Short essay on Child Labour was A Child must educate for long time goals of families, but not for present days trouble and economic issues.

The above Simple & Short essay on Child Labour in English is in 250 words to help all classes students in exams and also at competitions.

Long Essay on Child Labour

The essay below is a Long essay on Child Labour. The essay covers the rate of Child Labour, unique information to beautify the essay/article on Child Labor in competitions and exams.

Child Labour refers to employing children below 14 years of age. It is an illegal activity to hire children to work in factories, shops, manufacturing industries, etc. At the time of childhood, every child has the right to educate, enjoy, play, and should start learning to face the world. But children of 7 to 14 years were engaged in physical work at various places. Causes for Child labor working was due to pressure from parents for economical support, lack of awareness, cheap labor, and many other reasons.

According to the estimation of UNICEF and ILO, 168 million children at 5-17 years are engaged by Child Labour 2013 census. There are many causes like poverty, economically weak, family situations, and many others that make the child work in various sectors. Child Labour effects are a serious issue in many countries, leads to the pause of development, and breaks the name, fame of the country. Coming countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe are with a high rate of child labor in the countries. India had a moderate rate of Child Labour. Indian Government had passed many bills and schemes for demolishing Child Labour.

June 12th of every year was considered as World Day Against Child Labour/Child Labour Day at the international level. ILO issues a theme for World Day Against Child Labor every year. The Child Labour Theme 2020 is COVID-19: Protect children from child labor, now more than ever. The themes and rules are introduced to reduce the Child labor rate year by year. However, the challenges and themes are bouncing back due to economically weak countries.

Mostly Child Labour was involved in Agriculture and its branches. The UNICEF and countries should bring up the rules for child Labour in their countries. In India Child Labor acts are coming into society was only 15% to 20% and the remaining are 80 to 85% are illegally employing children. Many Shop / Factory owners know that Child Labour is illegal though involving children. Child Labor in India will encourage owners to attain more profit because children who work will be compensated with lesser wages. The Government of all countries should rewrite Child Labour acts and make the Child labor offense an end.

To decrease the rate of Child labor worldwide, all the countries should come under a roof to frame new Child Labor laws and rewrite the Child labor laws. Every Country Government should bring awareness to its people, that a child must be educated to improve economically for a long time, rather than present situations. The parents should not make a tradition as they are working.

Governments of the countries should know that present child labor will increase unemployment as they are growing up. The Government should be an eye-opener for the parents by counseling them and letting them know the importance of education. As it was a difficult task to preach to the uneducated parents though the government should do campaigns, special desks, online portals to know the information.

The above Long and simple essay on Child Labor is in 500 words and covers a lot of information. Essay on Child Labour in English will help at exam time, competitions held at school. This Essay makes one among at Child Labour group discussions.

Child Labour Day Quotes

  • A child is meant to learn, not to earn.
  • Children just aren’t prepared for hours of working.
  • Children’s labor is severe; don’t make them shed a tear.
  • A school should be their only workplace.
  • Buildings are built on big lands, work is done by tiny hands.
  • Cheap labor today, uneducated inefficient workforce tomorrow.
  • Child labor – evolution stops here.
  • A child is your heart not born to push your cart.
  • For a better nation stop child exploitation.
  • Stop child labor and start childcare.
  • Children should be given full time to enjoy their childhood and study in school.
  • Children should be reading books not making them.
  • Education is our right, stopping child labor is our fight.
  • Enough is enough; stop child labor.
  • Children should fill their minds instead of filling their pockets.
  • Children who work a job lose precious time in their lives.
  • Feeding a child at school is such a simple thing – but it works miracles.
  • Stop child labor, the future depends on them.
  • Take your child’s favor and stop child labor.
  • The child cries only to needs, but smiles always to thank.
  • Eradicate child labor and aspire for a better future.
  • Every child deserves a better life, help them to have one.
  • The age of learning is childhood.

Conclusion: We believe that the above Essays on Child labor will help you to know unique information about Child Labour data, acts, etc.

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