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Causes of Global Warming Essay

Causes of Global Warming Essay for Students and Children: Global warming is a troubling issue in today’s environment and is causing global changes. Global warming is deliberately caused by people and continues after they face problems in their daily lives. The causes of global warming are mainly due to human activities and also some natural activities. Both natural and human activities contribute to global warming and increase the temperature of the earth. Also, the essay below on the causes of global warming contains information about the causes and types of causes as well as why the causes cannot be eliminated, and much more information.

Short essay about the causes of global warming

Global warming is the most disturbing problem in today’s environment. Global warming has been knowingly brought about by humans and their activities. Generally, humans with their intelligence started to use the environment to satisfy their needs. In order to satisfy the needs, many developmental activities were taken which led to an increase in global warming. Normally, global warming existed before the birth of man, but the damage was covered by the remaining recovering environment that was present at that time. However, the causes of global warming were both natural and man-made activities. Natural activities such as forest fires, volcanic eruptions, etc. Man-made causes, on the other hand, include industrialization, smoke from vehicles, burning of plastics and other organic wastes, deforestation, greenhouse gases, etc. Nowadays, both natural and man-made causes are mixing and damaging the environment by causing global warming.

Man-made global warming is knowingly brought about, on the other hand, we cannot control natural disasters. An increase in technology by man and development activities cause global warming. Global warming caused by nature will not happen every day in the atmosphere. But human activities are done every day and release hot vapors and chemicals into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide released by the various activities and its amount will contribute to global warming. Since the absorption of carbon dioxide has not been processed by the trees, the lower amount in the environment leads to an increase in temperatures and global warming. These causes are in the daily routine of human beings that lead to a huge increase in global warming and damage to the environment.

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The causes of global warming are damaging the environment and life cycles, which is limiting the life of living beings on planet Earth. Global warming causes temperatures to rise worldwide and warms the environment. All the causes directly affect and harm the environment as the high temperatures do not allow life on earth. Climatic conditions play an important role in the smooth and successful daily activities of living beings. With the rise in temperature, the demand for water also increases and the water evaporates accordingly. And there are many more effects of these causes.

The causes of global warming are both natural and human activities. It was there when the earth was formed, but it was neutralized by the other cool nature around. But now all the ways that neutralize the environment are also deflected and lead to a continuous rise in temperatures. Nowadays, natural disasters and human activities together lead to a rapid increase in global warming. As a result, the indoor temperatures are also increasing and making people uncomfortable.

Natural causes of global warming

Natural causes of the increase in global warming are forest fires, floods, and volcanic eruptions. Forest fires are a type of natural disaster in which the forest burns and harmful gases escape into the atmosphere. Forest fires also decrease the density of trees that consume carbon dioxide. Floods clear the trees in the forest. Forests reduce global warming by consuming CO2 and harmful gases. Volcanic eruptions released hot gases and a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The heat that escapes affects the surrounding nature and causes the climate to boil.

Human Causes of Global Warming

Numerous human activities cause global warming by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Human activities in daily routine slowly mix and destroy the atmosphere and increase the temperature. Deforestation, burning of fossil fuels such as coal, vehicles, burning of organic waste, agriculture and farming, greenhouse gases, burning of plastic, industry, urbanization, and many more. However, these activities have been incorporated into the lives of humans and the whole has been extracted from them. With the increase of human activities changing the environment from past to present.

The world population is also a reason that can increase global warming. Due to the need for land, deforestation leads to an increase in CO2 levels and a decrease in oxygen levels. All human life has been powered by electricity, but the process of electricity and burning coal releases carbon dioxide and hot fumes into the atmosphere. The burning of plastic and organic waste releases air pollution and harmful environmental gases into the air. Agriculture produces gases that cannot dissipate into the environment during various agricultural activities.

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Conclusion: As the causes are major with human activities and even destroying the nature which helps to cover the damage of effect. The human causes are slowly adding up and bringing up the raise in temperature where natural disasters will expose the result instantly. However, both natural and human activities result in global warming and increase the temperature of the Earth. These causes were exposing their results on the Earth in a different way but the effect on living beings on earth.

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