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Essay on Adult Education

Long Essay On Adult Education:

Adult education is the process of providing education to grownups. Many people can’t afford and do not have access to education in their childhood. Education and knowledge both are ongoing processes and also are not time-bound activities. It is an organized and constant self-educating activity to achieve progress in aspects of knowledge, proficiency, thoughts, and principles.

Education does not pose boundaries. It is not, an activity that has limitations in time and age. Education is accessible to all, irrelevant of age, gender, status, etc. Education is an unremitting process that occurs in everybody’s life for the entire life span. Every day is a process of learning, we can expand knowledge through every aspect of life.

Adult Education gives mature people the chance to learn further and work on any particular talent depending on their interests. Adult education is on the mount, in the whole world. In this competitive world, it is difficult to find a job without proper qualifications. Professionalism is taking over almost all career opportunities. People who lack education are encountering the highest difficulties to find a job and lead a life.

Adult Education is an encouraging step initiated towards illiterate people. This education is not just endowed with knowledge on the general system of education that belongs to primary and secondary school, it also offers acquaintance over specialized topics and professional courses. The procedure of education could be recognized, professional, communal, etc. The adults who are fascinated and determined to acquire knowledge, are to a large extent centered in this process of education.

  • The progress of the nation depends on the inhabitants of the country. Adults as a part of the entire population can develop our country into a progressed nation, the socio-economic status of the country can be drastically taken towards the direction of an advanced nation.
  • When a person is educated in the family. They encourage the next generation for quality education.
  • Educated people have many opportunities for a better life. The scope for development is comparatively high than the illiterate people.
  • Progress of an individual alternatively results in progress for the country.
  • The thought process of an individual is empowered. The myths and beliefs are laid back, logical thinking of a person is enhanced.
  • Education eradicates discrimination among people, based on gender, race, religion, principles, and other aspects.
  • The evolution in the field of technology brings innovative things now and then, the countries with the high rate of qualified people, adapt to the modern technology easily and implement it just when, the means is evolved.
  • Adults are eligible for electing their leaders for a better future for the country. Education gives them access to superior decisions and perceptions for electing their contender.
  • Education bestows a person with the spirit to achieve success, in turn, they will also have profits. This will decrease the crime rate in society.
  • Equal opportunities are given to all the educated inhabitants, both men and women gain respect in the society.
  • Violence against women also takes a downfall through the empowerment of education in women.
  • The aspiration and desires of an individual are attained through education.
  • They set an example for future generations.
  • Adult education enhances them for a better future and living.

Challenges In Adult Education

People who desire to acquire knowledge at a mature age, are already engaged with either a full-time job or family. So, the time management and vigor are not been balanced well. After a very long gap in the field of education, people lack confidence in the process. They sometimes bump into the guilty factor.

Measures were taken by the Government

The government has implemented schemes that have gone through a bit of success, the schemes are “Saakshar Bharat”, and “Scheme to Support Voluntary Agencies for Adult Education and Skill Development”, The government also supports the NGOs that are working towards promoting adult education in our country.

Conclusion: Adult education is not age-specific, but a great opportunity to take part in, which leads to self-reliance and improves the goal orientation of a person. Adult learners will learn best when they can relate the learning task to their works.

Essay on Adult Education for Students and children | PDF Download

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